Friday, August 26, 2005

Marketing's Double-Edged Sword

A tight integration of direct marketing via either interruptive or opt-in modes combined with telemarketing can increase response rates by huge margins, often way over 50% higher.

Here's one secret to make the two work better together: Schedule the outbound mailings in quantities that can be handled by your contact center within two days from when the mailer arrives at your targeted prospect's in-mail. Don't put out the mail in huge quantities. Space it out over several days so your telemarketers can stay on top and make their personal connections while the mail message and offer are fresh in the minds of the recipient.

Here's another part of good double-edged sword marketing: Prepare the telemarketing script when the mailer is prepared. Consider them two parts of the same integrated campaign. Train the agents to handle the calls, along with overcoming objections, upselling, cross-selling, and future selling.


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