Saturday, August 06, 2005

Marketing Needs Transparency
in All We Do

Jack O’Dwyer just blasted the big public ad agencies who have gobbled up the top-ranked PR agencies who were once independent. The largest remaining independent PR agency is Edelman, with $230.4 million in annual revenue. How big are the PR outfits now resident inside ad agencies? No one seems to know because they have dropped out of O’Dwyer’s annual PR agency ranking. O’Dwyer calls a spade a spade: “It’s like a baseball team that won’t report its players’ batting averages to baseball writers.”

From my perspective, transparency of results is essential in helping us all get better at what we do. This is true whether it is agency billing records, marketing department campaign metrics or sales force pipeline progress. Sure transparency puts us all on the line and makes us fess up to what we’re doing wrong. That’s how it helps us get better. The weak hide. The strong profess.


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