Saturday, August 06, 2005

Marketing Advice You Won't Hear
From Your Own Ad Agency

Al Ries is a good friend of Cincom Systems and is one of several experts who regularly publishes advice in our newsletter -- Expert Access.

Al and his daughter, Laura, (in picture to left) are best known for their landmark business books on advertising: "The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR" and their most recent book "The Origin of Brands."

Al recently sent an email to Steve Kayser, our PR Director. This email contains advice you will not get from most ad agencies, but Al and Laura have the facts to back it up:

Dear Steve:

The biggest problem with PR is the lack of leadership. If you are the head of a PR unit owned by a giant ad agency, you are going to hesitate to say very much about one of the most important issues in marketing. PR vs. advertising. We believe that PR should come first in the launch of a brand. PR should set the tone and the strategy for the brand. Only after the brand has achieved some credibility in the marketplace should advertising be used.It’s obvious that no “captive” PR firm is going to say that. There’s only one large PR firm that is independent. Edelman. But Richard Edelman can’t do the job alone. He needs a lot of help in communicating the PR story.

All the best, Al
Editor's Note: I would have shown a photo of Al Ries, but Laura is much better looking. Sorry, Al.


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