Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Do You Get in the News?

Put yourself in the journalist’s shoes. Would you take time to read a news release from a company that’s been sent to every other journalist that is covering your market? Exactly how would such a reporter get ahead in the competitive world of journalism with me-too stories? Okay, you still need to send out news releases, but that will not get the real attention you covet. It might get you a few lines in the “industry update” section, but no feature stories that can drive business success.

Perhaps we can call this the PR practitioner’s version of “The Prisoner Dilemma.”

Anne Holland, famed eCommunicator on all topics marketing and editor of Marketing Sherpa, the industry standard for successful eNewsletter content, was pondering this dilemma recently and was meeting with Bob Evans, CMP Media’s Editorial Director and Senior VP. He got to the point fast: “If everyone's got it on Google News, what's the point?”

What can you do to get in the news?

One tactic I like is to identify the hot topics and find a way to step into the path of controversy. Position your company as the thought-leaders who know more about the big issues than any other.

Ann cites several ways to get in the news. First on her list is …. Tah dah!!! BLOGS!

Anne suggests: “If you're pitching a trend story (which Bob says many journalists love), try including links to several independent blogs to back your assertions up. Helps prove you didn't invent the trend just to get your CEO quoted, and there's some genuine audience interest in the topic. Also better than citing a direct competitor's story (few journalists get ahead by writing me-too stuff).”

Other ideas from Anne … go to the full article at Marketing Sherpa.

#2. Trade show meetings

#3. Customer stories

#4. New and under-exposed executives

#5. Ads

Anne’s blog includes a great offer:

Bob Evans and I are co-presenting a teleseminar entitled, "New Trends in IT Marketing" this Wednesday, Aug 24th at 2pm ET/11am PT. We'll be discussing results from a MarketingSherpa & CMP study where we asked IT pros on site such as InformationWeek what they think about typical ads. If you're interested, you can get a complimentary reservation to attend here: http://www.techweb.com/promos/m2it_teleseminar


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