Friday, August 26, 2005

Elliot at A Clear Eye gets me chuckling everytime I hit his blog. Sandbox wisdom, indeed.

His post on "persuasion" carries a big message, but his style of delivery makes it worth the time even if there was no big message. And, you'll love his penquins on a later post.

For some reason, it reminded me of a moment in the past when my Director of Client Services was sitting on a couch opposite me. He was frustrated because he wanted to do ads for our clients and the strategies I delivered were targeted marketing -- no mass media. He got so worked up that he was screaming across the room "You gotta understand I'm an ad guy!"

I thought about that for 3.5 nanoseconds and screamed back that "I was a salesman for our clients and didn't give two hoots if we ever did another ad unless I was sure it would get better results than targeted communications." Well, the words were a little more colorful, but you get the idea.

Sixty days later he left the agency. Oh, what a relief it was! Thanks, Speedy.


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