Sunday, July 10, 2005

"Teachable Moment" Marketing
Use Relevance to Shift Opinion

One technique for increasing message relevance is to look for "teachable moments" -- those points in a customer's life where the customer is most open to learning about a new solution.

Take for example a program we did for Comet, the P&G cleanser. The product had been recently reformulated so that it would not scratch soft surfaces like countertops, porcelain and sink fixtures. We determined that one segment of customers was in a good "teachable moment" -- people who had just purchased a new home that featured these soft surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

We co-sponsored a program with the manufacturers of these building products and major home builders so that when new home buyers moved in, they found packets of Comet samples along with a recommendation from such companies as Formica, Owens Corning, Delta Faucets, Eljer Plumbingware that Comet was safe and powerful. In exchange, P&G featured these manufacturers on packages of their products, giving the partners massive retail exposure. The homeowners tried the sample, saw that it worked and used discount coupons to buy more. Result: Comet broke its previous image of harsh and scratchy and replaced it with one that was safe and powerful.


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