Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Shocking Marketing Statistic!

According to a recent study by Direct Marketing Association, only half of all companies track both response and backend performance of direct marketing programs so they can calculate ROI.

Given that it is more important than ever to understand how customers are responding to marketing campaigns, it is shocking that half of us don't even bother to track responses. When we gather data on customer response, we can sharpen our targeting, our offers, our messages and our response channel strategies.

But tracking and analytics will do us little good if we don't apply our intelligence and creativity to what the number crunchers are telling us is essential to create effective marketing programs ... the output of analytics is better content directed at precisely the right people. In the end it is the content that we must make better.

The tough part of marketing is to make the customer contact worthwhile to the customer -- and that takes the skill of content producers who can hone messages so the relevance to each targeted prospect fairly leaps off the page, whether it is a mailer, a website, an emailing, an outbound call or a visit by a sales rep.

We must all become better and better at hearing through the numbers what customers find as relevant.


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