Saturday, July 16, 2005

The New Rush Will Be Viral for Land Rover

Getting through to the media is never easy. They are inundated with news releases and gimmicks to get their attention. Here's one cited on Adrants that seems to have worked ... and has the potential to spread Land Rover's name throughout the entire news room.

In early June, Land Rover launched a campaign themed, "The New Rush" to promote the launch of the car company's new Range Rover Sport. It incorporated a website virtual cityscape along with outdoor. To attract attention to the campaign, Land Rover had a soft drink, called, appropriately, "The New Rush," made and distributed to the media and other promotional channels.

Adrants reports that "It's tasty "concoction of B vitamins, caffeine, water and fruit flavors" and it's better than most soft drinks available at retail. The Adrants offices received our flat of the drink and we're lovin' it. Oh, wait. That's McDonald's. Sorry, Land Rover. We're....uh...rushin' it. Yea, that's it. Thanks."


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