Monday, July 25, 2005

Let's All Confuse the Hell out of Our Customers

This issue of getting the horses all pulling the same wagon reaches deep into our companies ... see my previous post "One Horse Can Pull 6 Tons." Now an article in Ad Age confirms it from a different point of view: Creating brand preference.

Ad Age reported on Interbrand's annual survey done in conjunction with Business Week Magazine of The Top 100 Brands that Sony has lost 16% of their brand value in the past year by confusing us (and themselves) on what value they bring to us. No business focus! In the same breath, Samsung increased their brand value 19% with a tight focus on their value offering.

Jeff Swystun, Interbrand's global director, said "Sony's whole lineup just doesn't seem to add up. They're dealing with behind-the-scenes politics between divisions so that they're really not getting the synergy that should flow up to their brand," Mr. Swystun said.


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