Friday, July 01, 2005

Leading Advertisers: General Motors and P&G

General Motors and Procter & Gamble continue the back and forthing in winning the crown as Largest Advertiser in US. According to Ad Age, GM just nosed Procter out, but both are close to $4 billion a year. Assuming the P&G acquisition of Gillette gets past investigation by the European legal beagles, they will next year be safely entrenched at the kingpin of all advertisers since Gillette spends over $800 million a year.

Think about how these massive marketing investments have contributed to our lives by paying for the production of all the shows, events, news casts, newspapers, magazines, and websites that we all value. That's nearly $10 billion that we as content users would have to fork over if we still wanted the programs and publications we rely on ... and that's just from two of the biggest advertisers.

Marketing, and its advertising campaigns, are the juggernaut of business and our American lifestyle. I say thanks to GM, P&G and all the other advertisers who bring news and entertainment to us.


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