Saturday, July 30, 2005

It Turns Out that Marketing Is
Rocket Science and Art

All my career I've had to listen to people in other departments disparage marketing.

"Hey, dude, it ain't rocket science. Anybody with common sense can do that stuff."
Well, that might have been true back in the days of mass market advertising, but those days are gone forever. Now everything we do is driven off databases, with electronic content distribution, and CRM systems to manage the interactions, record the results and analyze the data. Then using the data, construct ever better strategies and campaigns. That's the rocket science part of our jobs these days.

But it does not eliminate the common sense, the creativity and the skill of seeing, hearing and responding. That's why despite all the CRM stuff going on in the back office, we must continue honing our intuitive marketing skills. These are what in the end will separate the good from the great and the great from the greatest.

Guess, I just needed that little pep talk to keep myself motivated today. Hope it stirred something in you, as well.


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