Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Every Three Seconds

Some pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

This image stopped me cold. I tried to move on, but couldn't.

Every three seconds a light goes out ... just about the time it takes one of us in marketing to capture a viewer's interest in a TV commercial, or to take notice of a package on a retail shelf, or to open a mailer. Every three seconds something far more meaningful is happening.

The story behind the image is even more startling. Because she received aid, that little girl survived.

The Live 8 Concert ... I hope and pray it did some good. I hope it raised money that will give other little girls and boys the chance to live, and even prosper.

This haunting image is something none of us in marketing can or should ignore. Not if we really care about people the way we should.

What is it that we can do with our God-given marketing skills -- individually or collectively to help relieve such sadness from the Earth?

Thanks to Focused Performance for reminding me of what is important.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Carolyn Hansen said...

I followed the link from your Ageless Marketing blog to here.

I learned about direct marketing by working for nonprofit organizations, so I know there's plenty of work for talented marketers in a fundraising capacity.

But, if you're unable/unwilling to take on that challenge, the least you can do is earn a ton of money as a marketer and then give a lot of it away to great organizations like World Vision (www.worldvision.org). They save the lives of children like the one in this photo every single day.


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