Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Differentiation Based on Emotional Context

Tom Peters paraphrased a New York Times article, and along the way gave this strong example of how product design can link intimately to the context of an individual consumer. Understanding the emotional needs of a customer are from my perspective far more important than traditional demographics. Demo's are great for targeting who to talk to but context is the critical aspect for developing content and designing products.

Tom's comments:

With Duet, Whirlpool moved the market from ‘washing machine’ to ‘fabric care system’, from white goods as ‘a sea of undifferentiated boxes’ to ‘the Ferrari of washing machines’. As a Duet consumer put it: ‘They are our little mechanical buddies. They have personality. When they are running efficiently, our lives are running efficiently. They are part of my family.’ With the ‘designer laundry room’ Duet machines complement the Sub-Zero refrigerator and home-theater center.”


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