Saturday, July 30, 2005

Customer Service Right in My Backyard

I was just sitting here on my back patio reading a post by Bob Cargill about a direct mail campaign he received from Scotts Lawn a few years ago. The theme of the mailer was “Now the grass can be greener on your side.” I agree with Bob, that's a nice turn of a cliche ... and one that he remembered for several years until recently he hired Scotts to care for his lawn.

Then what to my wandering (or wondering?) eyes should appear around the corner of my house but the Scotts guy. He was getting ready to do my yard and wanted to know if there was anything that I wanted him to pay attention to. So we walked out front and I showed him a few strange weeds that were popping up and he agreed to put a special spray on them.

As an aside, I missed the Scotts mailer that Bob aluded to, but two years ago my neighbor's lawn was so distinctly greener than mine that I asked him what he used. He said he used a spreader to put down Scotts. Being a bit lazier, I hired the Scotts yard service so I can sit on the patio and blog while they make my lawn greener.

But it was the initiative that my Scotts guy took to walk around to the back and ask me about my needs that will keep Scotts coming back in the future. And yes, the yard is now just as green as my neighbor's yard.


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Snowed In said...

You're lucky. Our experience with Scotts has been terrible: jobs not done completely (or at all), grub damage (that developed well after Scotts Lawn started working on our lawn), and some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. The local manager only returns calls when pressured to do so by the corporate office, and he has at least one time lied about having spoken to my wife about our account. (They're billing us for services not completed to our satisfaction, and they are not willing to negotiate at all.)

If I never see Scotts Lawn again, that would be fine with me.


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