Saturday, July 16, 2005

Copycat Car Promotions Just a Lot of Screaming

General Motors created an immediate firestorm when it launched its promotion offering its cars to consumers at the same price as it offers its employees. The deal, unlike so many other car deals, had the ring of straight-talk. We all figure the employees were actually getting the best price possible and therefore we would not have to go into that distasteful practice of haggling with the dealer. Great promotion concept!

But like so many other promotions, it was easy to knock off. Now Ford is doing the same thing. Net is that there is no differentiation at the point of sale. Ford gained equality with GM, but not an advantage.

The real problems at America's big car companies is that they have lost touch with the customer. They continue to crank out gas guzzling SUVs while Toyota is offering gas efficient hybrids. Being stuck in the past and losing touch with the customer is a sure fired way toward downfall. Time to differentiate. Time to wake up.


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hybrids are less than .5% of the car market,to say Toyota is more in touch while the domestics are building gas guzzlers is untrue,example;the Ford Escape compact SUV is the best selling in it's class,they also offer a Hybrid version,Do you realize that Toyota recalled more cars than it sold last year?The media has brainwashed the consumers that Import is good ,domestics is bad.Check out the poor ratings of the V.W.'s


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