Friday, July 22, 2005

A Contextual "Code BLUE" for Retailers

Hospitals have "Code BLUE" when a patient goes into critical condition, and everyone scrambles to the room with a crash cart moving in fast.

Marketers who track transactional data by customer or by household have in their hands the metrics to run their own "Code BLUE" -- the second a customer who has been buying a frequently purchased staple SKU like milk or bread or baby food, it is time to put a special offer in the mail and get them back in the store.

Every family has those favorite meals ... several of ours are Asian and soy sauce is something we cart in by the carload. If the items on our frequently purchased list match up to likely menu items, promote these to keep me coming back.

Grocery stores can take it a step further ... identify the ten most frequently purchased items. These are likely to be the items the family uses in their most preferred meals.

The whole process can be run out of the customer datamart when integrated with a knowledge-based configuration engine that plots out actions to take given specific process events.


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