Saturday, July 09, 2005

CMO Magazine Reaffirms Need for Context

CMO Magazine’s latest issue reiterates the need for context in a great article: “Soothe Sayers” by Constantine von Hoffman. Several great tips on how to build trust with the customer.

The article opens with a series of questions … the type that run through all our heads these days. “Who’s that strange-looking guy with the backpack over there? Can I afford to fill up the car this week? Did you hear Dave lost his job? Is anybody hiring? How many carbs are in that beer, anyway?

The questions set up the fact that as customers, we are all in our own little worlds and those worlds are far from what brand of computer I should buy, or what brand of hot dogs I should serve at the family picnic.

CMO then establishes “the basic mission of marketing, of course, never really changes: It’s telling customers that you have what they want. But now, whatever you sell, you’d be wise to give customers something that goods or services rarely provide: a sense of stability in an unstable world. In today’s environment, no matter what your company produces or provides, you want to sell reassurance. Consumers want to be inspired. Show me something that I can aspire to and you’ve got my attention.”

CMO calls it “soothe saying” and I call it “context” but whatever you call it, it boils down to relevance with what’s in my head as a customer. Start with my needs and build trust and show me how you can then deliver.


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