Friday, July 01, 2005

Blogs Launched to Steal Copyrighted Content
From Sites that Use Ads to Cover Costs

There is a bit of craziness now afoot ... vigilante bloggers who blatantly republish the entire editorial content of Gawker and selected content from the Washington Post. It is simply a new form of terrorism clothed in a righteous-sounding appeal to free the rest of us from advertising. This was first reported at Adrant's blog where you can read the whole story including the justification form the anonymous thief.

It is a blatant example of how one person can ruin the whole blog for the rest of us. Would we like to avoid seeing ads? Sure. But do we want to pay for the content we find so useful? I think not ... advertising has always been an acceptable tradeoff to compensate publishers for the work the do in bringing us news and opinion.

This self-appointed jerk blogger is as bad as spammers and hackers. I say give them all some time in jail.


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