Saturday, July 30, 2005

Blog Action at Cincom Systems

Never a company to be left behind when it comes to marketing innovation, Cincom Systems where I work has launched a new company blog initiative. We want to put a human face on the company and show off the many individual talents that work to produce "software to simplify complex business processes."

You can access any of our blogs from our corporate website.

The Simplicity Blog is the flagship blog. The focus is how all business managers can create competitive advantage by simplifying processes. In addition to regular feature comments from Cincom CEO Tom Nies, there are currently 23 Cincom managers who will post thoughts on achieving business excellence. Additionally, we will feature a number of outside consultants, academics, and authors who will also share their insights. Dave Stein, author of How Winners Sell; Skip Press, noted screenwriter; and John Barry, whose definitive book on global offshoring -- are on tap to contribute thought-leadership to the blog.

In coming weeks we will also be offering our 36,000 subscribers to the highly acclaimed enewsletter, Expert Access, in blog format along with the opt-in newsletter format.

Cincom is also encouraging employees to begin blogging. Currently 7 have launched personal blogs -- using the Silt server and BottomFeeder aggregator applications developed by Cincom, using Cincom Smalltalk as the development environment. These blog applications illustrate the sheer power of Smalltalk because the programs were built rapidly and are easy to improve and maintain.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger James Robertson said...

The blog server is actually Silt:

BottomFeeder is a client news aggregator


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