Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Are You Connecting?

More evidence piling up that we are not practicing what our intuition tells us we should be doing.

This time the evidence comes from (in my opinion) one of the best marketing enewsletters:Reveries Magazine's Cool News of the Day. They write:

You know there's a problem when 90 percent of marketers think the ability to implement "total touchpoint" marketing is at least somewhat important, but only 52 percent think their companies are any good at it. Why is there such a huge disconnect between perfection and reality when it comes to "total touchpoint" marketing?

More important, what can be done about it? Tim Dorgan, ceo of The J. Brown Agency offers a look at the results of a Reveries reader survey, and explains how Gerber is making the most of every touchpoint in "Are You Connecting?"


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Thom Singer said...

You are right, companies want to have great touchpoints and totally interactive marketing experiences, but when push comes to shove most fall back into their comfort zone for marketing. Companies are made up of people, and too many people tend to not follow they talk about what they need to do, yet rarely do it.

I like your blog!


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