Friday, June 10, 2005

Transcendental Future of Marketing

David Wolfe continues with his thought-provoking postings at Ageless Marketing. His post on Transcending Our Primordial Roots hit me. He ponders the effect of genetic science coupled with a whole host of scientific advances will transcend us to a society where the well being of all surpasses the current human nature. He then ponders how this will impact marketing.

David writes: “The notion that the well being of all transcends the well being of self guts the foundation of traditional consumer marketing. Most such marketing makes the individual consumer the center of attention. This promotes egocentrism. In the Age of Transcendence, this will increasingly seem crude and unwarranted. This means marketers should be realigning the values they project to regain synchronicity with consumer values. The bottom line takeaway is that gradually but persistently people are becoming less concerned with the pettier needs of the individual self.”

It strikes me that designer babies do not point to “the well being of all” but rather a continuation of self interest – “my baby will be the smartest, prettiest one of all and most assuredly will be the president of the nation.”

Transcending to a place where “the well being of all” is not a genetic, nanotech outcome. It will come only when we begin truly caring for others above ourselves.

This transcendent concern for others is or should be the underpinning of CRM. When we as marketers move from loving our company to loving our customers, we will finally have the breakthrough that makes CRM a reality. When customers realize you love them, they will reward you with their business. That’s when we will enter the Age of Marketing Transcendence.

This transcendental future of marketing is in our hands.


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