Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tomato Nation Nails Fashion Industry

Sarah Bunting -- the author at Tomato Nation has a humorous lecture about pockeless-skirts and the ever-changing seasonal fashion palette. Her lecture smacks right at an industry more interested in itself than in its customers ... certainly one that she feels could use a little old fashioned luvin (or what I would call contextual concern). She writes in her blog about how fashion designers pick colors that make no sense to her:

"I can't wear off-toned acid-y colors; I can't wear aqua or fuchsia, or that yellow that looks awesome on the African-American model on Banana Republic's website but "correctional facility" on me. I am a brunette who, doctor's orders, is also quite pale, it is what it is, I don't want special treatment -- but if you pick a palette that's problematic for some people in a given season, you need to offer basic black and white choices too. Otherwise, it's like you…don't care about my feelings or something. I mean, I don't love how everything has a cascade of ruffles around here these days, but I can live with it…in black. Burnt rose? Will not happen. Teal? Also will not happen, ever. "Purple is the color of rrrrrroyalty!" That's nice. Let royalty wear that hideous Pat Benatar top, then. Don't do that shit where you don't offer it in black because then everyone will buy it in black instead of in the traffic-cone-orange you stupidly manufactured umpteen thousand pairs of -- not my problem."

Read her full text if you want a good belly laugh, and a pointed lesson in contextual marketing.


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