Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thought Leadership is
Kingpin to Contextual Marketing

I love it when other writers help me bring greater definition to what I call contextual marketing ... and to promote the benefits of being contextually relevant. So when I found this blog entry, you can imagine that it resonated with me.

This one at Revenue Roundtable is on using thought leadership as a business building tool and it includes some good tips on how to use context:

1. It must be relevant to your target audience or their sphere of influence.
2. It needs to be timely and address the issues faced by your target audience.
3. It needs to demonstrate your value and tie into your value proposition.
4. It needs to give more value than the time it takes to process and digest it.

Establishing thought leadership in a category of interest to a target audience has been a staple of contextual marketing, as we practiced it at WBK (my former promotion marketing agency) for two decades ... and it never failed to pull in customers for our clients. The blog medium is perfect for creating a position of thought leadership where you share some of your intellectual capital so that you establish rapport and trust with people who can purchase your products or services.


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