Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Should We Keep On Meeting Like This?

Microsoft recently conducted an online survey. 38,000 of us responded and the conclusion is staggering. The Microsoft study discovered that workers average only three productive days per week. The main culprit: unproductive staff meetings. 69% of the 38,000 people surveyed considered meetings to be an unproductive use of time.

My conclusion is that we need to take meetings more seriously. Start with a goal and an agenda. Cover the agenda and get out. Sounds so simple. But like so many others, I am guilty of letting meetings wander around. For me, the dialogue is what I find helpful so I can make better decisions. But clearly this is not the most productive means of gathering input. Get rid of meetings? I doubt this would help either ... if so, we could all work from home and save the gas money.


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