Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Procter & Gamble Shutters Reflect

I got an eMail from P&G the other day notifying me that they were closing their Reflect business. Reflect, launched in the midst of the dot-com surge, was a P&G experiment to mass-customize beauty products. Reflect pushed contextual marketing to the outer limit. Women could order special cosmetics that were personalized to accentuate their personal style … there were, for example, thousands of shades of lip gloss.

I was fascinated at the concept and registered (under a female name) to get first-hand view for how mass-customized cosmetics would be marketed online.

As you might expect, the HTML eMail messages were compelling, attractive and personalized. But in the end, Reflect no longer fit P&G’s business model to stay focused on their big brand name products.

While Reflect is gone, you can bet that the marketers at Procter gained insights into their target market that will impact their other brands.


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