Tuesday, June 14, 2005

MarketingSherpa Best Blogs of the Year

Congratulations to Seth Godin on winning the Marketing Sherpa Individual Blog Award. Count me as one who voted for this always-interesting blog. Adrants is also top-notch.

The rules for selecting the winners provide a good guide for the rest of us who want to get better and better at blogging our hearts out ... which hopefully is the real result of any awards program:

#1. Personality:
Is there a clear personality? Do you feel like you know the writer(s)? Is there a feeling of intimacy that may be missing from mainstream media?

#2. Usefulness:
Is the information either darned useful or very enjoyable to read? Did it make you think, or laugh, or click? Are there handy links to other places?

#3. Writing style:
Is it a sales pitch badly disguised as a blog? Is it a long-winded column instead of a snappy, slightly-informal blog? Is it just news briefs without analysis or insight?

#4. Usability & design:
Is the typeface easy to read? Can you find links to archives? Is the writing concise and skimmable? Are graphics limited to what's useful or fun?

#5. Would you revisit?:
Is it useful or engaging enough for you to visit it again someday? Or will you forget it the minute after you vote?


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