Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Marketing is a Sacred Trust

So going to Seth's blog to help him celebrate winning the Blog of the Year Award, I hit his post on Tom Peters. It was powerful to see how Seth respected Tom and they entered and left the same presentation stage.

Which then caused me to go to Tom Peters' blog. I have not been back there for many moons. My last visit caused me such disappointment that I emailed him. The blog seemed overly engaged in promoting his services and books and the postings lacked interest. But now, this is a reaallly good blog full of more interesting stuff to read.

Like the post on "Sacred Trust." Looking inside at a jury through his eyes shows the seriousness that jurors take when delivering a legal decision.

The same should be true of each of us who are marketers. We must see our work as a sacred trust that brings value to our clients, and profit to our companies.


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