Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lean Marketing's Mindset Principles

The Three Practices that Support the Transition to Lean Marketing

Lean marketing can benefit from the three fundamentals that underlie lean manufacturing not so much as a recipe of tasks to complete as it is a cultural mindset that crosses three different ways of thinking.

The 3 Reals” -- These three concepts about reality enable marketers to see the marketing environment more clearly and with less baggage from the past. The “Real Situation” helps us get real with reality. The “Real Thing” helps us see our products from the customer’s point of view so we can improve our product and service offerings. The “Real Place” focuses on the customer’s perspective for improving their experience; for you it will help see distribution and customer touchpoints more clearly.

The "5 Processes” -- These are akin to “best practices” that address the way we innovate, manage and improve marketing. It begins with processes to shift us from corporate-centricity to customer-centricity. Then we analyze the entire flow of marketing activities to eliminate waste, redundancy and inefficiency. Next, we shift marketing from its traditional silo mentality to one where activities are linked across a longitudinal horizon. Once we have programs that are effective and efficient, we begin the tracking of results so we can identify how marketing is performing. And last, we borrow from the Japanese business culture new approaches for continuous improvement.

“The 5 S’s” -- These are more of an ideological approach to improve productivity of marketing personnel so we can all get better at our skills. The 5S’s integrate common-sense with scientific methodology to improve analysis and problem solving, and to develop internal process standards for how we do marketing. The last of the S’s charts ways in which we can sustain our skills so that we get better and better at doing marketing.

Combined, they are Lean Marketing – a new mindset that will enable us to support our CEOs as they pursue the double mandate of creating value for customers and shareholders.


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