Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Is Customer Love at the Root of our Success?

Contextual marketing (in my opinion, the pinnacle of efficient and effective marketing) has a tough time taking root where a corporate-centric, or product-centric attitude exists. Instead of making the shift to customer-centric, the messages we send out stay stuck in time. Locked on features and benefits. Geared around “how wonderful we are” copy that has little value for the customer.

This dilemma came roaring back to me one weekend when Dr. Tony Campolo led a retreat that I attended. He talked, joked and inspired … but mostly he challenged us. Did we reflect love to others in all that we did? If so, we’d probably act a whole lot different than we do. Can we care enough to share our love and support with a third-world boy or girl who lives in poverty. Dr. Campolo has started many organizations to help us share our love … you can link to one of them at www.compassion.org.

Could it be that love is at the heart of doing contextual marketing correctly?

If we really loved our customers, cared about their issues and pains, their desires and wants, the expectations that they hold out for us … would we act a whole lot different that we do today? Could caring love change the corporate scene and produce more valuable marketing communications?

If we loved your customers as much as we love our companies, how would the content on our websites change? How would our service offerings get better? Is it possible that customers would love us back?


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