Thursday, June 09, 2005

Harte-Hanks Delivers IT Contacts

Okay, enough about the fashion industry. Back to high-tech where I spend a lot of my time >>> specifically direct marketing. Anyone in the business knows there are three things that most impact direct mail success: list, list and list. But finding lists to drive results has not always been that easy. Now Harte-Hanks is delivering a database that is great for contextual marketers ... mostly because it is confirmed on a monthly basis ... this past April, they called 38,000 businesses and validated personal information on nearly 200,000 key people working in IT departments. I have a high degree of confidence in this information because a friend of mine, Andrew Ignatow, now works at Harte-Hanks and over a few beers he was bragging how this is no hyped-story. And because we use the HH lists where I work at Cincom. So, Andrew, here's a little plug for HH!


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