Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Fast Facts from Harte-Hanks Webinar

A fast summary of an excellent webinar by Harte-Hanks and Forrester Research. The gems I picked up included:

-- The proliferation of new media devices like iPods are changing consumer behavior in ways that marketers must learn how to capitalize on.

-- The average tenure for a Chief Marketing Officer these days is less than 24 months. This is not a cushy job and leadership carries its perils.

-- Database marketers point to a common set of pains, one of the main issues unresolved is the enterprise coordination of a customer contact strategy.

-- C-level folk do not seem to trust customer data and trust even less what the data says. That's a biggie for all of us in direct marketing.

-- With complex products that require extended sales cycles, you need a strategy that includes "dialogue marketing" to help educate prospects one step at a time.

-- It is harder than ever to find qualified marketers with the range of skill sets and the experience to effectively do direct marketing. Which is a fact that makes the people at Harte-Hanks smile a bit because they're loaded with these people and look forward to more companies outsourcing dm to them.


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