Thursday, June 23, 2005

Did I hear an echo at Seth's Blog?

Seth Godin's post "Marketing has a Marketing Problem" closes out with a sentiment that reinforces my recent post at MarcomBlog -- "Choosing Words Carefully" and further echoed in my post on this blob -- "Marketing is a Sacred Trust."

We need to tell the story of marketing more effectively. If we were working on a Brand Message Strategy, we'd have a full-blown process to arrive at the message: The value for marketing at Company X is ...

Well, aside from the sacred trust we should all have to promote the wonders of ethical marketing ... let's take promoting marketing as seriously as we take promoting the brands under us. What is the value we bring to our companies? What is our proof statement? Now, that's something an internal blog can deliver but first we need to make it relevant to the people in sales, the people in finance, the people in IS, the people in HR.

Seth closes with: "Marketing is not about trickery or even insincerity. It's about spreading ideas that you believe in, sharing ideas you're passionate about... and doing it with authenticity. Marketing is about treating prospects and customers with respect, and realizing that it's easier to grow the amount of business you do with happy people than it is to find new strangers to accost."

That's what I call a sacred trust.


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