Friday, June 03, 2005

Clear Channel Podcasting is
Contextually Right On

Opt-in advertising will grow as podcasting provides audio content that selective consumers want to listen to.

Clear Channel Radio will offer podcasts of Phone Tap, a popular sketch that airs on New York’s Z100 morning show. This initiative is the first in what Clear Channel it hopes to be a national podcasting strategy that allows listeners to download snippets of popular programming, either individually as an MP3 file or as part of an RSS stream. The podcasts, free to consumers, will be ad-supported and the company is reportedly shopping 15-second spots to advertisers.

This is yet another foray into contextual marketing where the audience is in control of what it listens to or views. Smart marketers are learning the power of context over the more intrusive mass-communications. This calls for a whole new breed of media analysts who are really good at understanding the customer profiles that will drive business success.


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