Thursday, June 09, 2005

Are High Tech Analysts Doomed?

Speaking of high tech (my previous post), Louis Columbus -- fellow marketer at Cincom and a former analyst with one of the top high tech analyst consulting firms -- sees bloggers sharply cutting into the analyst business. He's got a point worth pondering. What good is an expensive analyst when you can head to the blogosphere and read what actual users of technology have to say?

Well, likely not. Seems we will always appreciate the thoughtful comments of a good analyst who reports objectively and honestly. It is one more example, from my perspective, of an important thing to remember about blogging -- it is part of the marketing and information mix, and it supplements richly and often with enormous impact. But we likely will continue to value the opinions of smart analysts when we are getting ready to plunk down a couple of hundred thousand bucks for a new technology.

But then, that's my opinion. Lou has his, and his opinion is supported by another active Cincom blogger ... Jim Robertson who has always held analyst firms as of questionable credibility. How else can you explain that analysts fail to see the beauty and power of Smalltalk as an application development environment that has many, many advantages over Java.

Long live controversy!


At 12:44 AM, Blogger Louis Columbus said...


Analysts who serve users will always exist; blogs are killing conflict of interest however for those analysts that walk the line between users and vendors. Vendor-centric analysis - who parrot back to companies what they want to hear - are a dying breed. Only analysts that know enough about applications and markets, and most importantly - can deliver millions in value to user accounts - will survive. It is all in whom one serves.


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