Monday, May 30, 2005

Save Fast Company! Please!

Took a little longer to recover than I thought it would ...

While I was recuping, my favorite print magazine, Fast Company, seems to have hit an unexpected (at least by me) bump in the road. John Byrne, editor of the pub posted a letter that the parent company Gruner & Jahr USA has put Fast Company up for sale. That would not happen unless the business side was not producing the results. And that could be bad news for a whole lot more business magazines. If the best is having trouble, the followers are doomed.

The fault cannot be with the editorial team. They produce the most creative, most readable and most inspiring magazine in America. My hat's off to Byrne & Team, and for each of them, I hope the buyer will not tamper with the product ... just get the business part of the machine working as well as the editorial side.

For the rest of you Fast Company fans, let's save Fast Company!


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