Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Contextual Promotion is Perfecto!

Adrants uncovered a smart contextual promotion from just up the road from me in Dayton, Ohio. Coated and carbonless paper maker MeadWestvaco is changing its name to Newpage, and has launched "The True You" promotion -- a portfolio collection site where designers can submit work, glean advice from other professionals and enter contests.

From the Adrants newsletter: "Professional advice comes from industry leaders as Linda Cooper Bowen, author of Marketing and the True You, Hank Richardson, who tackles The Ubiquitous Portfolio, and Olivia Fox Cabane, who discusses Networking Basics. Cooper Bowen also offers a Q&A session where graphic designers can ask a question on any marketing issue.

Who knew paper could be so contextual?

It is a smart move from boring product features to customer-centric information that should bring graphic designers back often to see what other designers are doing. And while they are there, they will learn more ways to use coated and carbonless paper in their future projects.



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