Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Is the Answer to Healthcare
Locked Inside the System?

Most of us in or from the agency consulting world have long found frustration in our efforts to market for healthcare providers. No more worthy a calling than to help those in great need. The frustration comes not from our work in helping the sick find the right care. It comes from the complexity and immovability of the system.

Now, a new source of hope. According to a report released by the National Coalition on Health Care (a non-partisan alliance of more than 90 organizations), contends that a series of changes to the nation's health care system could provide health care coverage to the 45 million Americans who do not now have it while trimming billions off the nation's health care bill. The group found that system-wide savings would begin soon after the changes were phased in and by the tenth year would save $125 billion annually.

Such systemic change seems necessary. It would bring great heart to all of us who work as healthcare marketers.


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