Monday, May 30, 2005

The Biggest Problems We Face
Have One Foundation -- Complexity

We conducted one-hour, open discussion interviews with senior managers in the United States and Europe to identify executive priorities that most impact the organization’s strategy and operations. We focused narrowly on areas in which the executives felt a solution had not yet been found or where existing solutions were encumbered with serious limitations. Based on our research, it was apparent that underlying their various concerns was the difficulty in managing increasingly complex business propositions.

At the top of the list was an inability to gain efficiency in frontline distribution channel management that, in turn, limits the organization’s capacity for organic growth. Other concerns included the inability to transform the business to meet new conditions, understanding the changing needs of customers and to identifying emerging customer opportunities, the ability to manage internal processes to produce value more efficiently and the ability to leverage existing technology investments. These are the concerns that most worry CEOs. The reason – CEOs know that these areas have become so complex that they limit their ability to manage the business successfully.


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