Monday, April 11, 2005

Top Ten Marketing Trends for Next Decade

Larry Chase, author of Web Digest for Marketers, has posted his Top Ten Trends for the Next Ten Years. Without stealing all of Larry's insights, here is the summary. You can see them for yourself by subscribing to his newsletter, one of the most useful collections of links to tools for marketers that exists anywhere.

1. Pay Per Call Rings In: Having 1-to-1 contact with a prospect live on the phone is so much more likely to result in a sale.
2. Feed Marketing Flourishes: Where there are ears and especially eyeballs, marketers are never too far behind.
3. Email Marketing Will Survive: Sp@m issues will recede dramatically, because they have to. Too much is at stake.
4. Agent, Personal Agent: Watch for the growth of "agent software" to help you sift through the morass of online information.
5. Reverb Marketing, In Stereo: This will be the new definition of what media planners call "Road Blocking".
6. Blogs Go Multimedia: Blogs are obviously here to stay.
7. TVIP Adds Interactivity: But don't expect TV on the Net to look and act like the TV you see on your television screen.
8. Commercial Content, On Demand: Messages from marketers need to be so appealing that the audience actually requests the message.
9. Publishing Faces Tectonic Shifts:Research is already showing that many people in their 20s are not picking up the newspaper habit the way their parents did.
10. Direct Marketers Will Take Over the Internet: Oops, this has already happened, but not the way I predicted 10 years ago.


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