Sunday, April 24, 2005

P&G Collaborates to Create
Contextually Relevant Products

One of my favorite newsletters is Trendwatching. The current issue catches a great example of the world’s best marketing organization getting very contextual with the outside world. The marketer is Procter & Gamble. About five years ago they launched a program called Connect + Develop. The goal is to enable P&G to be known as the company that collaborates with the world outside its walls better than any other company – especially when it comes to developing new products that are more and more relevant to the consumer.

P&G’s CEO A. G. Laffley: “I want us to be the absolute best at spotting, developing and leveraging relationships with best-in-class partners in every part of our business. In fact, I want P&G to be a magnet for the best-in-class. The company you most want to work with because you know a partnership with P&G will be more rewarding than any other option available to you.”

The results so far? Everything from Swiffer Wet Jet, Olay Daily Facials, Crest Whitestrips & Night Effects to Mr. Clean Autodry, Kandoo baby wipes and Lipfinity. (Source: Tech Central Station, Industry Week.). These are all products that would have been unlikely to surface in the “old” Procter. But they, better than most, have learned how to be contextually relevant to their customers.


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