Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Split Second Relevance Decisions

Brain clutter requires us to get products and messages relevant

Our brains are filled with so much clutter that we have learned how to sort things in nanosecond time frames. According to neuromarketing expert, David Wolfe, you have less than a second for a customer’s brain to sort out if your message is personally relevant. After that split second passes, you have either engaged or missed. As a direct marketer, I could drag out case after case where clever creative that ignored how the brain is searching for message relevance has failed to get responses. It is just one of the reasons that most marketing messages delivered across most media are doing well to get better than a 2% response rate.

Here's how one marketer is fighting to stay contextually relevant ...

Even the best have to stay relevant to their customers. The April issue of MONEY Magazine went on newsstands March 21. What’s special about that? MONEY, with 7.4 million readers, is the nation’s biggest and oldest personal finance magazine. Relevance drove the editors to make radical changes to their product. Managing Editor Eric Schurenberg: “Times have changed. Our readers no longer saw money as an end in itself, but rather as a means to a better life. We had to stay connected with them.” One more vote for contextual marketing.


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