Sunday, March 13, 2005

Is it Okay to Steal from Your Daughter?

Okay, so I'm stealing from my daughter.

Sometimes you have to steal from the best. Courtney has started up her own blog ... mostly, she says, to force herself out of her comfort zone as a graphic designer and to do some writing. Actually, back as early as junior high she could sit down and write a poem about life, or about her sister in not much more than 15-minutes. But along the way, graphics took the lead. So I'm glad to see her experimenting with writing again.

My theft from her is your gain. Her post last week was about psychologist and market researcher Clotaire Rapaille. Strange that I didn't know of him because he worked on P&G's Folgers Coffee brand 20 years ago, about the same time my agency was also working on Folgers. He has some interesting concepts about decoding customer experiences with brands. Take a look at Courtney's blog called The Wolf Project and read more about Rapaille. It will force you to think more emotionally about your brand.


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