Sunday, February 13, 2005

Will You Be Outsourced to India or China?
Turn Ourselves into a Competitive Advantage

The business engine (including marketing) behind Western Civilization’s great leap forward in the last 50 years is on some sort of brink. More and more manufacturing is moving to places in the Far East – China and India, in particular.

I cannot blame the business managers who outsource to get lower prices. As consumers, we all demand lower prices. Walmart is just our mouthpiece.

The danger lurking, as we all know, is how much is too much.

Where is the tipping point? And, what can be done about it?

Wringing hands? Nope! Blaming unions? Nope! Giving in? Certainly not! What then?

It might sound simplistic, but there may be a clue in how my employer looks at the purpose of its business. Cincom states that “it provides software to simplify the management of complex business processes so as to improve productivity and add value at low cost, rapid return and low risk.”

Good motto. But one Cincomers actually work toward every day. The result: three years of back-to-back-to-back profitability in a market that has struggled to survive.

So, I got to thinking recently … what if all of us in marketing took such a credo to heart? Can we simplify the management of complex marketing processes and give our companies a competitive edge, one that collectively would give Western companies the ability to compete more effectively with the Far East and win back jobs … even win back manufacturing?

I like a good challenge. Of course, I think contextual principles are at the heart of good marketing. While context is not easy to master, it is a concept that can lead to simplified management methodologies that then lead to easier-to-manage execution.

Ponder this one with me, will you?

What can we as bright, innovative, caring marketers do to simplify the management of marketing processes that are so incredibly complex. How can we use simplification as a tool to drive effectiveness and efficiency?

Any takers?


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