Friday, February 11, 2005

Wendy Yee and the Cincom Web Team
More Heroes in My Book

She’s not on Fast Company magazine’s list of “Fast 50” people, yet. But she’s a dynamo nonetheless. I’m talking about Wendy Yee, our Project Director from Human Factors International. She’s working with us to optimize the customer usability of the global website for Cincom Systems. Wendy sports a BS from MIT and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Okay, so she’s smart.

But there are a lot of smart people who just don’t get it. Wendy gets it. But when she makes a presentation, you have to listen fast. If you let your mind wander for a few seconds while she’s presenting recommendations, you will wake up 10 slides into the story. And you will have missed some incredibly clever thinking on how to tune a website so that it achieves company goals while meeting customer needs.

Wendy and the HFI team have been great to work with … step-by-logical-step, the new site navigation has taken shape and all of us working on the project have great confidence that we have nailed our objectives for a very complex project that in the end will be in English (the Queen’s version and the President’s version), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Australian (another foreign language), Chinese and Japanese.

The other half of our website project team is the Cincom staff. Over 75 people have been involved in one way or the other as we totally rebuild a website that no longer communicates how Cincom delivers exceptional value to its customers. The core team is Tim O’Toole, Dorothy Foley, Devin Meister, Michael Fecher.

When you look around inside Cincom you see a lot of strong, talented and caring people. I wrote about Steve Kayser earlier. The web core team, and the product and global region marketing managers all fashion intensity, care and deep involvement in working together to do big things. The result has been three consecutive years of record profit in the enterprise software industry where few others have performed so well. It happens because our first focus is on the customer. That’s what makes Cincom such a great place to practice contextual marketing principles every day … and to see them outperform the competition.

Thanks, Wendy. Thanks, Team.

This is fun stuff.


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At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Courtney said...

Hmmm.. you gotta wonder, what's a girl gotta do to to get on the list of important people? :)


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