Friday, February 11, 2005

Hat's Off to Steve Kayser, One of
Fast Company Magazine's Fast 50 People

Today I am stepping back a tad from my crusade for contextual marketing to tell you all about a special person, my colleague Steve Kayser. The occasion is that Steve has just been nominated as one of Fast Company magazine’s “Fast 50” people – the magazine’s way of celebrating remarkable people who stand out from the crowd … their goal is to remind the world of all the good that’s created when passionate people with big ideas and strong convictions are determined to make a difference.

Central to his nomination is his innovation and editorial leadership of the eNewsletter for Cincom Systems. The publication is called Expert Access. The best way to describe EA is for you to see it yourself … subscribe here.

The important thing for all of us in marketing is to find role models like Steve who can bring courage, energy, innovation, integrity, passion ... all with a commitment to metrics.

Steve has rounded up a stunning collection of contributing writers for EA: Al Ries, Dave Stein, Skip Press, Seth Godin, Ken Sutherland, Dr. Paul Pearsall, Steven Van Yoder, John Tuft, Robert McKee, JoAnna Brandi, Renata J. Rafferty and (ahmm) me :-).

You'd be surprised about who some of the readers of Expert Access are … CEOs of major companies ... for example, Herb Kelleher, Founder and CEO of Southwest Airlines, and a person Peter Drucker referred to as perhaps one of the greatest CEOs of all time, and according to Fortune magazine, perhaps the best-ever CEO in America, reads EA and also contributed via an interview. Industry Analysts ... how about the fact that most of the major analyst organizations that cover the technology industry are subscribers? And wait until you see some of the major media types that will appear and contribute to Expert Access shortly.

Steve’s claim to fame might be his work on Expert Access. But those of us who work with him know something else. EA is like fifth or sixth on the list of important things he does for Cincom and all of them are done equally well. We also know something else. When you look for role models for “good men on earth” look no further than Steve. I am always struck at his compassion and caring for those less fortunate around him.


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