Sunday, February 27, 2005

Addiction to Blogging
Take a Look at MarcomBlog

The deadlines are coming fast and furious at work lately so I have self-imposed a break from posting to this blog. But I couldn’t help myself. For me (and apparently for a lot of others out there in the blogosphere), blogging is addictive. Yes, it is work to write but it is also a release. My other hobby is painting which is like breathing in color. Blogging is like breathing in words.

So let’s end the self-imposed silence.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blog contributor to MarcomBlog – David Forstrom. We were both attending the American Marketing Association’s blogging conference in Chicago. David currently heads up the DC office of Connect Public Relations. Together, we participate with 7 other marketing professionals who give counsel to students at Auburn University via MarcomBlog.

The blog is the brainchild of Robert French, technology instructor at Auburn. What better way to teach technology than to use it? So he has his PR and marcom students blogging their hearts out. Along the way, MarcomBlog has been getting traffic from a far wider circle than just his students. It is published now in three languages and features postings from David Forstrom, Bill French, Guillaume du Gardier, Josh Hallett, Neville Hobson, Dee Rambeau, Octavio Rojas, Tara Smith, and myself (Dale Wolf).

The postings at MarcomBlog cover a wide range of marketing and PR thoughts and I guarantee it is worth visiting and bookmarking.

With that, I will return to my silence for a few more days as I tend to my day job. Just like the Terminator, however, "I will be back" to post on my professional passion -- contextual marketing. I hope you find my musings helpful.


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