Thursday, January 13, 2005

Six Steps to Triple Response Rates

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  1. Analyze the customer's interests -- Yes, the transactional records are king of the hill, but they are also the easy part. More importantly, watch the type of articles that individuals open and read. Categorize each article against a "topic tree" and score clicks against these topics.
  2. Give prospects more of what they want -- The topic categories should be chosen to identify kinds of information a prospect wants to know more about. Eventually this click pattern of topics will reveal a profile persona that you can use to target future content and offers to improve results.
  3. Serve their eyeballs -- The most important stuff should be above the fold for a website or a newsletter. Heads often get ignored because writers get clever so readers skip them and go to the subheads and bullets because that's where they tend to find the good stuff.
  4. Build trust before you sell -- Everyone is looking for useful information and advice from experts. Surround your pitch with content about the issues and pains they are trying to resolve. Keep this content relatively free of promotion. Show them you understand their needs and can be trusted. People buy from people they trust.
  5. Mind the filters -- Most spam filters are on the look out for some keywords that result in blocked content: Free, Special Discount, Special Offer. These can block your marketing before the prospect has a chance to see it.
  6. Follow Up Every Outbound Initiative -- Not just those who purchase. That's the 2% low hanging fruit. You can get 3 to 5 times more performance out of a campaign with effective followup. Use a blend of different media. Drop a catalog and follow with email. Drop a mailer and follow with a phone call. Drop a dimensional mailer and follow with a business letter.

Well, that's six proven techniques to pump up results. Do you have any other methods so we can round the list out to the Top Ten Tips?


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