Friday, January 07, 2005

Our Job, It is a Changin'

So, I've been sitting back watching this blog phenomena going on for the past two years while I've been researching to write a book. I decided the best way to go about the book was to begin writing regularly. What better way than a blog?

I tend to write long (cause I need an editor) so blogging will hopefully teach me how to write shorter. If I don't, then pretty good odds you won't be reading. Books are books, and blogs are blogs.

I do have a point of view that I want to share cause I think it's important and it's being overlooked by marketers -- the content we put in front of customers must be made more relevant or we are doomed to keep repeating misearble marketing that across all media gets about a 2% response rate. What a waste of money!

(1) A recent ANA survey indicates that 52% of CEOs expect marketing to deliver top line revenue growth ... we can no longer be measured on improvements in awareness, we must learn how to increase profitable revenue.

(2) The consumer is changing faster than marketers can keep up with, so that traditional marketing tools are not only weaker, but also contextually irrelevant.

(3) The drive for accountability is reaching a crescendo on the demand side (from the CEO and CFO) before the CMO has the tools or analytics in place to be able to respond.

(4) Marketing departments have not grasped technology as a resource to do marketing and it is becoming imperative that they do so.

So that's it. If this blog helps us all get to a different place, then the time will be well spent.

At this point, maybe I should break a bottle of champagne across the bow of my laptop. Bon voyage.


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