Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Neighborhood Grocer Mentality

By Dale Wolf

The Role of Content in Customer-Relationship Marketing

Customer-facing technologies are about content and transactions. Most have focused on the transaction part and ignored what in the end will be more important. Content is the part that creates relationships. CRM is all about re-creating or re-inventing relationships – the neighborhood grocer on a bigger scale.

The clear and present danger is in not locking on basic principles that drive success.

Each CEO’s field of dreams is loaded with options that did not align with what customers were looking for. Concentrate on meeting the customer face-to-face. Companies selling through indirect channels are especially susceptible to neglecting end-customers, often never having real conversations with the people who buy and use our products.

How can you change customer behavior if you don’t know what they need, want and expect?


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