Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Love is the Killer App

David Forstrom, Manager of ConnectPR's Washington DC office responded about corporate love by telling me about a book I was not familiar with ... maybe you are not familiar with it either, so I am posting his comment...

"Dale, have you read Tim Sanders’ Love is the Killer App? The basic premise is that as technology and information have changed the business landscape, to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace, you need a killer application. What is that application? It’s love. He puts forth the idea of being lovecats. Gone are the days of swimming with sharks, and enter the days of nice, smart people. Lovecats practice love business–intelligently sharing their intangibles with their bizpartners. These intangibles are our knowledge, our network, and our compassion. It’s co-opetition or the abundance mentality at its best. Think about how blogging helps drive the lovecat way. One of the base traits of “love” is listening. Sanders talks about how the act of listening is absolutely critical to the act of connecting. In this new era of transparency, we’re beginning to see glimpses of the lovecat way. They’re out there. C’mon, show me the love. Enough of the sappiness, but the book is an infectious must-read. Visit"


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog via a technorati search. I find no contact email and no rss feed. What value is putting yourself out in the blogosphere without these two key elements.

turn on your atom feed, dude!


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